Effectively communicating the monarchist message

Following the Golden Jubilee, the anniversary of the Coronation, came a long list, as usual, of national and international events at which The Queen and other members of the Royal Family performed their valuable and valued roles. With each year’s superb Queen's Christmas Message, The Queen and the Monarchy remain greatly appreciated.

However, we should take heed of the fact that there are people in the media and in the country who are just waiting for opportunities to cause trouble for members of the Royal Family. It has to be said that a lot of the "Million In The Mall" were there out of a sense of Britishness primarily, although probably a majority of them believe that the Monarchy is an important part of that Britishness. Articles in the press by people who are avowed monarchists all say the same thing - that while The Queen rules the monarchy is probably secure - but not necessarily in the less-forseeable future. A former editor of a national newspaper speaking on the BBC said that he thought that there were forces afoot who would lead public opinion towards a republic at some future date and that we would bitterly regret it afterwards.

We therefore need people who have the time, energy and inclination who can perform certain absolutely vital tasks.

Important amongst these is the constant monitoring of the media so that those voices who are at present speaking in favour of the monarchy can be contacted and supported and those intent on undermining it are countered and the opposing arguments put.

That is one of the reasons why the CMA is increasing subscribership, arranging events, ensuring really effective publicity and recruitment, keeping an eye on the media, making representations and responding very quickly with letters and other contributions to the media whenever anything takes place.

It is often said, and sometimes said by pro-monarchists in a very blasé way, that the British people inherently appreciate the value of the Monarchy. But beyond the emotional feelings, important as these are, some people, if pressed, can only come up with a few possibly not very well-expressed reasons. We need to be enabling them to get the central message over much more cogently.

It is important to have an organisation in the country which is strong and effective and can speak up for this very important aspect of our constitution and our way of life. We need to ensure that the massive advantages of Monarchy are well-represented and rock-solid so that they cannot be easily swept away by any tide of scurrilous media attention to less positive aspects of the Monarchy.

We are building a strong organisation with a large and enthusiastic worldwide support group constantly working for the support, preservation, development and modernisation of our massively valuable and important Constitutional Monarchy.

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